Why Coaching is Your New Best Friend - A Mom’s Guide

5 reasons life coaching is beneficial to moms

Chaney Fletcher

4/10/20242 min read

Hey there, wonderful chaos-coordinators! 🌟 Have you ever found yourself deep in the trenches of mom life, thinking, "If only I had a magical fairy to whisper sweet strategies of sanity in my ear"? Well, buckle up your seat belts and prepare for school drop-off because coaching is the next best thing.

1. The Personal Cheerleader You Never Knew You Needed

Picture this: someone cheering you on as you transition from PJs to real clothes (yoga pants totally count) before 10 a.m. That's coaching! Coaches are like that friend who's always rooting for you, except with way more strategy and a tad less gossip about the neighbors.

2. Customized Life Hacks

Ever wish there was a manual for managing mom-life madness? Hold onto your diaper bags, ladies, because coaching is like having a Pinterest board made just for you, with solutions that actually work in real life. No more "one size fits all" advice from Aunt Sue who thinks iPads are the devil's playground.

3. Accountability - But Make It Fun

Remember when you promised yourself you'd start that "thing" every Monday for the past year? A coach is like your workout buddy who actually shows up, keeps you accountable, and doesn’t judge you for stopping for coffee on the way home. They remind you of your "why," helping you stick to your goals like that piece of LEGO you can’t seem to get off the living room floor.

4. Stress-Busting Guru

Imagine having a stress ball that actually gave you advice on how to calm the chaos around you. Coaches have an uncanny ability to sift through the cereal spills and find solutions that help you breathe easier. And unlike the stress ball, they won’t get lost under the couch.

5. The Ultimate Perspective Pivot

Just when you thought you had to surrender to being an octopus to get everything done, a coach steps in and says, "Hey, it's okay to ask for help." They’re like that magical moment when you find a forgotten chocolate stash, providing clarity, perspective, and a little bit of joy when you need it most.

So there you have it, folks! Coaching, through the eyes of a multitasking, superhero mom. Whether it’s finding your personal cheerleader, crafting your custom life hack manual, keeping fun accountability, busting through stress, or pivoting your perspective, coaching might just be the secret ingredient to thriving in this wild ride of motherhood. And remember, in the end, moms don't need a cape to fly high - sometimes, just a little nudge in the right direction. ✨

Sending you all the high-fives and caffeinated vibes,

Chaney Fletcher, HS-BCP