HerVolution Academy

3 Tiers

Tier 3 Group Coaching

The Group Coaching Program is capped at 50 women total to be able to provide all the specialized attention that is needed to each individual. This is best suited for someone who doesn't need 1-1 support, wants to network and build lasting friendships, have a solid foundation or are familiar with starting from scratch without help before. This requires a high-achieving woman who knows what she is capable of but needs the support to reach her maximum potential. She also prefers to watch replays because of time constraints and not having the ability to join live or the time to commitment for a full mastermind but still wants to be apart of a mastermind because she knows the power they hold.

Tier 2 Mastermind Coaching

The mastermind runs for 6 months meeting weekly 3 weeks with a rest on the 4th week every month and is capped at 15 women due to the intensity of the coaching program and the requirements from each individual in order to produce the maximum results in the shortest amount of time as well as more personalized guidance. This is for high-achieving women who know what they are capable of and have a clear idea of what they want, but not the clear path to get there alone. This woman is able and ready to set time aside to make her dream become reality and can attend live calls.

Tier 1 (1:1) Coaching

The 1:1 Coaching Program is capped at 10 spots total to be able to provide all the specialized attention that is needed to each individual. This type of coaching is best for high-achieving looking to pivot who have a solid foundation in place already. This requires 2 hour sessions 3 weeks a month at minimum to dive deep into limitations and remove them as quickly as possible, plan ahead for the future, and have support at your fingertips through the whole process. This provides the most support and personalization to each individual possible as well as creates the biggest results with more ease.


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