Case Study: Hobby to 5K a month

A client went from enjoying a hobby for themselves to destress to learning how to monetize in 60 days.


Chaney Fletcher, HS-BCP

3/5/20232 min read

Hobby to 5K Months

When this client began receiving coaching she wasn't necessarily unhappy with life but she felt like something was missing and she wasn't reaching her full potential. She was a mom and she, like many of us, never put her needs first. I could tell in speaking with her that she was in this "blah" stage of motherhood where it's close to burnout but not quite there, YET. She shared a hobby that she did in her little spare time she had, and I could see how her entire demeanor changed. Her eyes lit up and her smile grew and was more authentic. She spoke with ease about this hobby of hers and how it made her feel more complete because she was making a product for others to enjoy.

BINGO! This is what she needed to do MORE of but she wasn't convinced. She was worried about the time it would take to monetize her hobby and if it would take the happiness she got from it. She was worried about the stress she thought it would cause her and how it would affect her relationship with her husband and kids.

She ultimately decided she wanted to try monetizing her hobby and see what happened. She realized that she could always stop monetizing it if she felt like she needed to. She was in control. This ultimately led her to clearly 5K months within 60 days.

She realized the potential that she had and coaching helped her learn how to grow and foster her confidence to try something new. She also learned it was OK for her to do something for her as well that she enjoyed. She learned how to put systems in place so that she wasn't "doing it all" and how to delegate more to help alleviate stress from her as well. With the extra income she started to make from her hobby, she was able to hire more help around the house as well which had a positive result on her marriage. She had more time to spend enjoying her kids because she was able to hire a house cleaner as well and noticed that she was happier than just going through the motions of being "mom".